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Mr. Virendra Bhatia

Managing Director

Mr. Virendra Bhatia is a man with a vision and the beacon of Baani Group. He holds a significant experience in the fashion business. Mr. Bhatia started his career in fashion trade and then evolved into real estate with an aim of creating awe-inspiring projects in India and across the globe. Today, the Group is one of the India’s premium property developers. He oversees all activities of the Company starting from sourcing of land to project execution and delivery. He has been at the forefront of reinforcing Baani Group as India’s leading real estate developer. His fashion background has helped him in creating a niche in the real estate industry as well, as he believes in creating stylish projects that
reflects class and elegance.

Mr. Sahil Bhatia

Joint Managing Director

The dynamic Jt. MD of Baani Group, Mr. Sahil Bhatia is a passionate individual who believes in working hard in order to materialize every concept. A go-getter and a charming personality, Sahil has taken the Group to different heights.

Sahil Bhatia holds a management degree from Manchester, UK. He was the brainchild behind Baani’s venture into hospitality business. In spite of having diverse career options abroad, he chose to stick to his basics with an aim of taking Baani to further heights.

Mr. Ishaan Bhatia

Joint Managing Director

Being the youngest in the lineage, Ishaan Bhatia is a man full of enthusiasm and vigour. Ishaan always looked up to his father and elder brother and this has helped him in moulding himself into what he is today. Having a creative incline, he too has made massive contributing in making Baani what it is today.

Mr. Ishaan Bhatia’s contribution towards Baani is inevitable. With his innovative ideas and creative mind he brings forth lucrative ideas for the business. His enthusiasm has surely worked well with the Group.